Wulong Custom Tour- Boat Tracker Love

On June 2015, LARK provided two day Wulong innovative tour- Boat Tracker Love for a very special group of Taiwan culture creativity merchants. With a fairy tale story, by passing four settled 4 tasks, the traveller can help the boat tracker find her lover again.

 Four taskes including: Task 1, traveller would visit the Baima ancient port on Wu River, use prepared material to built a small wooden boat, learn Haozi (boat tracker’s song) to help the young tracker back to Wulong; Task 2, traveller will present the Impression Wulong night show at Taoyuan Canyon, to learn about the love story of the girl and tracker; Task3, traveller will visit the Three Natural Bridges, which are named after the dragons, to beat the evil beings; Task4, traveller will participate in local’s ceromony, learn about Tujia bamboo dance, Tujia songs as well as Haozi, to wake up the young girl stalagmite.