Service to Holland Art Festival cooperation with CQ Sichuan Opera Institute


During March 2015, Lark assists Holland Art Festival stage Director Miranda Lakerveld for cooperation with Chongqing Opera house.

Chongqing Opera is listed as one of the three most important local opera house in China. It is mainly focusing on Sichuan Opera performance. Its principle Ms Tiemei Shen, has won the Plum Blossom Award, top China Opera award, for three times. Sichuan opera is well know for its techniques during performance, for instance Changing-Face show, Blowing-Fire.

Director Miranda Lakerveld will re-compose and present the Sichuan Opera <Si Fan> on the stage of Holland Art Festival during June 2015. Lark assists her job including: learning performance procedure, opera singing, music instrument playing, costumes, stage settings, participating opera show, exchange with senior performers, lectures over western and eastern opera comparison.