By Forbes, Chongqing the 3rd most developed Tourist City in China

Forbes has newly announced the 2014 China most developed Tourist City Ranking. Chongqing has lifted from the 4th place to the 3rd. The ranking takes developing of tourist resorts, 5 star hotels in the region, touristic service development,  touristic infrastructure, transportation development into consideration.

Tourism has long history in Chongqing, and always been a key industry. During current years, CQ government has started new champion on tourism developing and oversea market promotion.

The key attractions at Chongqing including: urban river-mountain view,  WWII history relics, Dazu Grottoes, three Gorges, Wulong nature beauties, Wangsheng Black Mountain Valleys and Stone Forest, ancient town along rivers, Chongqing folk culture-Sichuan Opera.