American Chinese girl’s way back to Chongqing

37293C2E1A3D3C431A1706B9CA64CB40_小   Amy grows up happily in a American family from Virginia, she has an older sisiter and an older brother. The only difference of her from her sister and brother is that she is in black hair. Her mother Alison told us that Amy is always helpful and kind hearted to every family member, she is the happy nut. Amy likes Babie dolls and likes to dress herself in a Barbie doll as well. As young as 3 years old she already has her ear pin.


Amy always has a jigsaw puzzle in her little heart which is not complete. Amy was given away 10 years ago in Tongliang surburbs, and was adopted by warefall house Tongliang. Less than one year old, she was adopted by her current family. She always want to learn more about the country where she was born and how people lives here.


LARK arranged a full day experience, giving Amy the opportunity to get to know more about her origin.  In the morning, we visited Civil Affair office, looked up the documentations of Amy for clue of her original parents, and took a wonderful return ceremony.  Later, we visited the Chongqing opera house to appreciate Yangtze River intersection, have a good time on the river beach, Amy helped a tortoise back to the river. In the afternoon, Amy visited Chinese local toy store, bought dolls with Chinese costume.  We continue to a local primary school, a same aged Chongqing girl introduced Amy back to her house, two family had dinner together and exchanged gifts and ideas of culture diversity in two cultures.

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