Adopted Girl’s way back to Chongqing

Kid is happy grown-up no matter the material situation of family is abundant or poor, it is happy only becuase of the love from their parents. This beautiful girl Jennifer is happy, no matter she is adopted by Sweden parents, living in north Europe far from its origin, knowing little about Chinese culture.   Jennifer is given away anonymous in front of the welfare house of Fulin, Chongqing in the cold winter of 2003.  She was latter adopted by the welfare house, given the name Fu Xin Yin, meaning newly happily born. She is a happy and healthy baby recorded in the report of the welfare house. When she was one years old,  Mr and Mrs Birgitta, from Sweden adopted Fu and gave her a new name Jennifer.


Jennifer grown up happily in a quite little town of Sweden-Gnosj for 11 years. She goes to school 500 meters away from home, visit the swim club 5 times a week, and had a dream one day becoming a Olympic champion. Jennifer is one of the 8 girls adopted from Fuling welfare house at the same time, the 8 swedish families take turns to host parties annually. They play, eat, and talk, a lot of topic is about China. 2 years ago two of the kids visited Chongqing, and carry the story back to Jennifer. Jennifer had a dream, a dream to find her origin, her unknown life as Chongqing kid, and her lot. Jennifer told her mother Birgitta her wish, and Birgitta contacted Lark Trip Private Tour early 2014 for a meaningful journey for Jenny back to Chongqing. Jennifer has been picturing about the visit to Chongqing ever sinece. The most exciting time has come at Jan, 2015.

On the first day of Chongqing, Lark Trip took Jennifer to the city highlights, river intersection, and chaotianmen wholesale market. The skyscaper and crowd street is new to Jenny, and she is also overwhelmed by the cheap goods. Merchants keep talking to her in Chinese, and Jennifer could not even understand a single word.


The second day has come, Lark Trip arranged Jennifer’s visit to a community swim club. In the standard natatoria, Jennifer trained with fellow students. Butterfly style, free style, backstroke, breaststroke, none of the style she is any slower than others. It is the best day.


On the third day,  by the special arrangment of Lark Trip Chongqing tour, Jennifer attend a multi-language primary school for a day. She is a little anxious at the beginning, however she is more comfortable after a while when she gets involved with fellow students using English and body language. Jennifer found the arrangement of Chinese class is totaly different. After class, Jennifer visited her Classmates QinQin’s home. Having dinner with Qinqin’s family, Jenny said she would feel happy as well if she still lived in Chongqing, probably her origin parents has their own difficulty.


The fourth day is has come when Jennifer will visit her first home, welfare house Fuling. A shuttle train took her back to the town of Fuling. Open the door of welfare house, everything is kept as she left. Her mother Birgitta told us it is Jenny who want to re-visit the place where she has lived her 1st year, but Jenny has no memories.

Day has come when Jenny has to leave, but they have made plan to return in the comming year, for a more exciting tour the Yangzte River and Gorges.

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