Most Beautiful Heishan Valley 1 Day Tour


Heishan Valley, locates in Wansheng, 75 mile(120 km) away from Chongqing. 97% of the area is covered by origin forest. As Ecological Scenic Area, it is consists of valley, gorge, karst cave, waterfalls, forests and streams. As one of the best preserved natural scenic area, it is called The wild life gene bank of Chongqing and Guizhou by some experts. Chongqing Black Valley tour combines 3.7 mile (6 km) plank road and floating bridge , and 4.3 mile (7 km) electric car route.

Location: Wansheng, Chongqing

Duration: 9 hrs (approx.)

Tour Type: Chongqing private tour, Chongqing private guide

Fitness level: moderate


In the morning, pick up from Hotel entrance lobby, set off on highway to Heishan Valley 75 mile (120 km) 2hr, along the way with great unique Chongqing hilly countryside view. After arrival at Black Mountain Valley, count the steps down the Heishan Valley to the bottom in 30 mins walk(or take cable car), with karst cave and waterfall along the way. Start 4 hr 3.7 mile (6 km) trekking on plank road and floating bridge in Valley with crystal stream, waterfall, caves, origin forest, wild lives. After full embrace of the natural gene bank, set off one the way back to Chongqing. Drop to hotel.

from 269 USD/person 1 person private group
from 159 USD/person
2 people private group
from 129 USD/person 3 people private group
from 109 USD/person 4 people private group
from 99 USD/person 
5 people private group