Swedish Chinese Girl’s Way back to Chongqing


Jennifer’s mother Birgitta contacted us for a Jigsaw Puzzle Piecing Tour for her daugher back to Chongqing. Birgitta told us about Jenny’s story. Jennifer was given away anonymous in front of the welfare house of Fulin, Chongqing in the cold winter of 2003.  She was latter adopted by the welfare house, given the name Fu Xin Yin, meaning newly happily born. She was a happy and healthy baby recorded in the report. When she was one years old,  Mr and Mrs Birgitta, from Sweden adopted her.Jennifer grown up in a quite little town of Sweden-Gnosj for 11 years. She visits the swim club 5 times a week, and has a dream one day becoming a Olympic champion. Jennifer is one of the 8 girls adopted from Fuling welfare house on 2014, the 8 swedish families take turns to host parties annually. 2 years ago two of the kids visited Chongqing, and carried the experience back to Jennifer.  Jennifer told her mother she wants to go back to Chongqing to find out her welfare house, local swim club, how local kid live in a family.

We therefore customized a special tour for Jennifer. During the jouney, the first day, Jenny with her family was shown around city highlights, river intersection, and chaotianmen wholesale market, which helps her to get a good understanding of Chongqingese life. The second day, a visit to a community swim club with kids was arranged for Jenny, as swim is Jenny’s best habbit.  In the standard natatoria, Jennifer trained with fellow students. Butterfly style, free style, backstroke, breaststroke, none of the style she is any slower than others. The third day, one day attendance to a multi-language primary school and family visit are arranged, as Jenny wanted to find out what local kid’s life is like. The fourth day, short excursion to Fuling surburb is arrange, to visit Jenny’s pick up place, welfare house, and local community, as she has spent her first year in this surburb and her original parents may from this area as well.

Following is Birgitta’s testimonial and news link.


Thanks Lark Trip, for this memorable tour to my Daughter. This is more than what I have imagined. The school visiting is great, all the teachers and students are so helpful, Jennifer really love it. She is still in contact with students of the class. The swiming club is awsome, which is Jennifer’s favourite part. To my surprise, Jennifer’s level is slightly higher than the other fellow students. The home visiting is cozy. Thanks for the host family, for the hospitable dinner and accommodation.  Thanks Lark Trip, our family shall return to Chongqing again in near future!

Birgitta Kingmark


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