Ancient North Hotspring and Jinyun Mountain 2 Day Tour



Chongqing has long history of using hot spring for wellness. Among the many springs North hot spring is the most famous.  As early as 1600 years ago in Nan Chao Dynasty, the north hotsping was developed for the wellness activily of the nobles. Shortly after, a branch of Jinyun Buddhism Monastory was opend at the spring named after it. It is located in Beibei district 50km north of urban Chongqing. It spread out at the foot of Jinyun Mountain, beside the Jialin River, at Wentang Gorge, and it enjoys peaceful gorge view with wild moneys. Jinyun Mountain lies at the back of the hotspring, accommodates Dai lake, forest and pagoda over tiger peak. For thoes who wants to warm up in cold weather, day tour to the mountain and Gorge,  at night enjoys a hot spring spa is a good choice.

Location: Beibei, Chongqing

Duration:2 days

Tour type: Private

Fitness level: Mild

Time of travel recommended: October-April


Day 1:Chongqing-Beibei

Pick up from hotel, set off on highway 31 mile (50 km) to Beibei district. In the morning, we will visit the most ancient North Hot Spring Temple, go through the hundreds year old architect, appreciate the Song Dynasty Arhat stone carvings on cliff and the five water dragon stone carving. We share continue to its riverside hot spring resort, appreciate the amazing gorge view. Afterwards, we shall move up to the Jinyun mountain. Along the way, pay visit to the mysterious Dai lake, as well as divine Shaolong Taoism Temple. Climb the Jinyun tiger peak. (Alternative excursion is to the Chongqing Nature Museum) After a tasty local lunch, we shall check into a sophisticated hot spring resort, enjoy the whole night with the natural hot spring spa and Chinese therapy. Overnight at hot spring resort.

Day 2: Beibei-Chongqing

Breath the morning fresh air in the mountain, take a well prepared buffet breakfast. Later transfer to urban Chongqing or airport.

from 360 USD/person
1 person private group
from 210 USD/person 2 people private group
from 190 USD/person 3 people private group
from 180 USD/person 4 people private group
from 170 USD/person 5 people private group