Breath Takeing Bamboo Sea and Tea Mountain Chongqing 1 Day Tour

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The wonderland-like Tea Mountain and Bamboo Sea is located in Ji Mountains in the north of Yongchuan, 62 mile (100 km) west from urban Chongqing. It is listed as one of the most unique national park. The scenic zone boasts an area of 45 square mile (117 square km) including 0.5 square mile (1.3 square km) of tea gardens and 12.8 square mile (33.3 sqaure km) of bamboo forest. The forestation rate is 97% and the ambience conditions meets the first class with avarage temparature of 17 degree centigrade. This is the outdoor scence of film “House of Flying Draggers”.  In ancient times, Ji Mountains were named Canglongdao Mountains, or Black Dragon Mountain, as the mountain peak goes up and down like the back of dragon. It is deemed to be incarnation of Eastern Black Dragon. In spring, new tea bud and bamboo shoots sprout out. In summer, chill breeze sweeps bamboo with crystal spring. In autumn, white flower bloom on tea tree. In winter, green bamboo and red maple are covered by light snow. This is a tour you can take all year around.

Location: Wulong, Chongqing

Duration:1 days

Tour type: Private

Fitness level: Moderate

Time of travel recommended: March-November


Pick up from hotel in the morning, set off on highway 62 mile (100 km) to Yongchuan country, with views of country side and terrace field. Drive up to the 3300 ft (1000 meter) altitude Ji mountain, first visit one grand tea plantation, tea picking experience. Contine to Jinpen lake and bamboo forest, Green jade bamboo corridor, finally make it to Fan Gulf Bamboo Sea. Wonder around in the Fan Gulf Bamboo Sea. Lunch at local restaurant, taste dishes with fresh bamboo shoots. If you feel energetic, we can take the steps up the mountain for 2 hr trekking, through plank road on peak, ancient stone fortress and bamboo maze. In the afternoon, have a cup of tea, appreciate the Yongchuan Xiu Ya tea with traditional tea ceremony. Drive back to Chongqing, drop to hotel.

from 199 USD/person
1 person private group
from 129 USD/person
2 people private group
from 109 USD/person 3 people private group
from 89 USD/person 4 people private group
from 79 USD/person 5 people private group