Terrace Field & Organic Farm 1 Day Tour



The hot spring temple was founded in the first year AD 423 of liu song jing ping period in southern song dynasty, in AD 1007 Jing de period in Northern song dynasty, the hot spring temple was bestowed as the Chong Sheng temple by the imperial court. The North Hot Spring is also the masterpiece of Chongqing gardens. It is delicate and elegant, combining temple, hill, water, forest, spring, gorge and cave together.

Chongqing has unique hilly landscape and terrace farm land, together with interesting ancient irrigation system. In this tour, you will be show the organic farm with chicken, duck, dog, pig, goose, fish, fruit field, vegetable field, as well as the ancient irrigation system and how it works.

Destinations: Beibei, Chongqing

Duration: 9 hrs (approx.)

Best time to visit: March-June, September-November

Fitness level: Moderate

Tour Type: Private


In the morning, you will be picked up at Hotel, set off on highway. in 1 hrs drive, we will arrive at the 2000 yrs old North Hot Spring Temple, which locates beside Jialing river, with crystal stream, waterfall, hot spring and a peaceful surrounding. We continue drive up the Jinyun Mountain, which accommodates both Buddhist and Taoist Temples, and have a short trek beside peaceful Dai lake. Later, set off along the countryside road to the organic farm, had a local lunch which made out of the food produced in farm with the farmer’s family. Explore farmer’s lotus farm,  duck, goose and chicken farm, pick seasonal fruit and vegetables. 1 h trekking on the terrace with great countryside view. Visit nearby Gaotan countryside scene with waterfall and ice age relic, learn about the ancient irrigation system. Set off on way back to Chongqing. Drop to Hotel.


from 179 USD/person
1 person private group
from 109 USD/person 2 people private group
from 99 USD/person 3 people private group
from 89 USD/person 4 people private group
from 79 USD/person 5 people private group