Diaoyu Fortress Laitan Ancient Town 1 Day Tour



Laitan ancient town, locates at the east of the Hechuan District of Chongqing. Laitan Old Town is regarded to be one of the ten most picturesque old towns in China. The town faces the Jialing River and has cliffs on three sides. With the rosy clouds rising slowly, the town seems to be in the clouds. The dishes with good taste are supplied by the eateries in the town.Laitan ancient town has a very long history, which dated back to the Qing dynasty. The Er’fo Temple was built 1500 years ago in Tang Dynasty. It holds complex grottos with a giant Buddha carving on cliff, which is second to Le’shan Giant Buddha.Miles away is the Diaoyu Fortress. Diaoyu Fortress is one of the great ancient battlefields of China. It is famous for its resistance to the Mongol armies in the latter half of the Song Dynasty. One of the most notable events was the death of Mongol leader Möngke Khan near the city, which forced the immediate withdrawal of Mongol troops from Syria and East Asia and prevented the Mongolian Empire from expanding towards Africa.

Destinations: Chongqing, Hechuan

Duration: 9 hrs (approx.)

Best time to visit: March-June, September-Novermber

Fitness level: Light

Tour type: Private


In the morning, pick up by guide from Hotel entrance lobby. We set off on highway 100km 2 hr to Laitan fortress and ancient town to the north of urban Chongqing. After arrival, explore the 1000 yr old fortress, wander along ancient street with local stores, and pay visit to riverside Er’fo temple with 3rd biggest cliff carving Buddha in west China. Have a local lunch at town.
We will continue to visit Diaoyu fortress, which is the main battled field 1000 yr ago at Song Dynasty between Han and Mongolian army. Count the pavement steps up the Daioyu mountain, go through the ancient fortress gate and defence, learn the calligraphy and Buddhism carving on cliffs. Set off back to Chongqing, drop to hotel.

from 235 USD/person 1 person private group
from 146 USD/person 2 people private group
from 132 USD/person 3 people private group
from 116 USD/person 4 people private group
from 103 USD/person 5 people private group