A Bite of Chongqing, Chongqing Food Day Tour


During a long period of production and living practice, Chongqing has made great contribution to the Chinese cuisine on the aspects of food resource exploration, flavour, nutrition and cuisine aesthetics.  Folks in Chongqing have created countless snacks, dishes with apt names, aromas, flavors and colors, with mastery  of seasons.

If you want to have a bite of the most local dishes and snacks in Chongqing? Want to share your culinary masterpieces with your family? Take part in our Bite of Chongqing Master Chef tour, and you’ll have a rare chance to taste the hardly known local food, select your favorite dishes to cook from the hostess of a local family, share and taste the true home-cooked food!

Destinations: Chongqing

Duration: 5 hr approx.

Tour destination: Chongqing

Best time to visit:  All year around

Fitness level: minimun

Tour type:  Private


After breakfast , pick up from your place, wear a shopping bag we prepared for you, visit one of the folk food market to collect the fresh food resource, from tomato, chilli, pepper, onion, celery, mushroom, fungus, egg, tofu to sauce and seasons. Learn to bargain with shoppers to get a better price. Visit one host family, started to prepare for your picked Chongqing dishes. The host will give you an Master Chef lesson of some real good local dishes. Well done! Let’s share your master piece of Chongqing dishes with a wine or a cup of tea after. Drop back to hotel.


Rate: from 65USD/person