“Thank you for having make our trip to China so memorable and entertaining”

Hi Lark,
  We got back to Israel a week ago and want to thank you for having make our trip to China so memorable and entertaining.Haim and I were absolutely amazed to see how a country of more then 1 billion people has moved within 35 years to become so modern, with state of the art infrastructures, very large and varied cars park, constant development, housing expansion. One major insight I took from China is  the healthy nutrition ( no salt; so sugar almost; no dough and bread but instead a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit) and this is very inspiring.Also we really enjoyed the entertainment culture of elderly people ( but not only) in the parks and the great family spirit having grand parents take care of the children. Needless to say that China has a great deal of history and incredible nature and we only saw a tiny bit of it.
  This is definitively a country I want to go back to and I can ensure you I will book again through you as you were able to provide and recommend great destinations and customize as per customer request at affordable pricing.
   It also gave some feeling of mild adventure as English remains a rare tool (within a decade all the young generation will know English)  and we had to manage with Google translate or ask people in the street and we always found local people willing to help.
  I also wanted to tell you that Jack who went along with us to Wulong is a wonderful young fellow and we had a very nice time with him. this is a great idea to have young people who know English escort foreigners as it gives a nice feeling of security especially since the tour was with Chinese people and this was a lot of fun for us.
  Another very helpful element was that we had the Chinese SIM provided on our arrival.
Both Somerset and Holidays in were very good hotels and thank you for booking them for us.
Debby and Haim
13th Nov, 2014