“I especially enjoyed that you were flexible in terms of timing”



Hi Lark Trip,

Thank you for giving us tours around Chongqing! I especially enjoyed that you were flexible in terms of timing, and when we asked to have dinner outside the hotel, you were able to accommodate us. To answer your questions:
1. I liked the Budda carvings and the gorge tour (the first two we had) the best. But I am always most interested in the cultural sights and nature, so it might be different for other people. For me, I was not interested in spending the whole day doing sightseeing in Chongqing as it seems to be similar to other big Chinese cities, however spending a couple of hours in the old town and on a cable car was interesting.
2. Yang was a very pleasant guy to accompany us.
3. The car was great and the driver was nice. I am actually glad that we had a minivan as it allowed our girls to roam around and not get car sick.

Overall, we are really grateful for your service!

I wish you all success with your agency!
Warm regards,