“His demeanor and performance as a guide and translator during my trip was exemplary”


In May 2015 I contact Lark and employed Chen as a guide for three days in Chongqing where I was undertaking a short trip to research and make connections with contemporary Chinese artists. My requirements for a guide were for someone who could translate both formal and informal conversations in English and Chinese between myself, artists and curators, as well as someone who could guide me around artistic and cultural neighbourhoods in Chongqing, such as the area known as Huangjueping located near the world renowned Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts.

As a guide and translator Chen was amazing in every respect. Email communication with me in Sydney prior to my departure was prompt and informative. Likewise his demeanour and performance as a guide and translator during my trip was exemplary. Chen was more than able and enthusiastic about keeping up with the very busy schedule I had set myself, whilst also being versatile and responsive to changes and opportunities as they arose. In particular his Chinese-English translation skills were superb – I could not have engaged with so many Chongqing artists as I would have liked were it not for Chen. His knowledge of art and cultural matters was very impressive, as he was more than capable of translating a number of conversations relating to contemporary Chinese and international art developments and ideas.
Furthermore, Chen’s expert knowledge of Chongqing was impressive. He guided all of my trip on public and private transport; accompanied me to some off the beaten track artists’ studios; and on my last day led me on a superb tour of Chongqing sights, from its ancient towns along the Jialing and Yangtze rivers to authentic hot pot restaurants in the city centre. This was one of my most memorable and enjoyable days during my China trip.
I would not hesitate to highly recommend Lark Trip services for any and every occasion, whether for tourists or business people.

With kind regards,

Pedro de Almeida, Program Manager for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney
July, 2015