“Without him I would have had a rough first day in China”


I was in Chongqing for holiday and personal business. For my personal business I needed an interpreter whom could also advise me on special aspects of the Chinese culture. Right from my first contact with Lark, they sent Yang, he helped me out. He picked me up from the airport and interpreted for me during the first day of my trip. Helping me and my personal contact through the differences in our culture and advised me an alternative apartment for my bad pick in advance from internet.

yang speaks excellent English and Chinese, is very helpful and sincere. Without him I would have had a rough first day in China, but he turned it in a warm welcome. I didn’t use the tour service that Lark offers too, but that was only due to a busy schedule on my side. I would have liked to make a tour with Lark as I am sure their tours will be very good as well.

I can no other than fully recommend Lark’s services when you visit China, for business or tour travel.

Paul van Dort

Oct 2015