“Lark-Trip was the main reason why our visit in Chongqing became so memorable and interesting!”

pic with martin

For the last few years I have been bringing large delegations of Scandinavian investors to China, partly to meet with various companies, academics, and experts on the Chinese economy, but also to travel outside of the comfort zone to see “real China”.

I found Lark on online, and was very quickly impressed by the high level of professionalism in all the correspondence I had with it ahead of our trip. Our group spent three days and two nights in Chongqing, and Lark was the main reason why our visit in Chongqing became so productive, memorable and interesting. It arranged everything, including an excellent day in the outskirts of Chongqing, looking at real estate projects and Chongqing’s new satellite towns, followed by a very interesting visit to the more rural parts of Chongqing with beautiful walks on rice terraces and ancient looking farmland. Lark also arranged a boat cruise for our group, which also was highly memorable.

Being a group of 19 senior investment professionals from Europe, the demand and expectations are quite high. Lark delivered very well in all aspects however, and prepared a stay for us exactly tailored to our wishes.

I would recommend Lark to anyone visiting Chongqing. Not least I would advice not only tourists, but also more business minded travelers and groups to use its services. Lark knows how to help you get around. It has all the relevant background information, and can put it all into an international perspective with the relevant comparisons with how things work abroad.

I will definitely use LarkTrip the next time I bring investors to Western China, which hopefully will not be in a too distant future!
Thanks again for you excellent and high-level service!