WWII War Time Capital Memorial historical Chongqing 1 Day Private Tour



During World War Two from 1938-1944, Chongqing was the war time capital city. Most universities, factories, government system have been moved to Chongqing. During the War, KMT government, Chinese Communist Party, and American Ally all play important part. In Chongqing, you can still find the well maintained residence during that time. The General Stillwell is the Chief American General in Oriental Asia Battle field, his former military head quarter now has been turned to the General Stillwell’s museum. In Liziba park, old military senate, bank, government official residences can be found. On the South Mount., the villa of Chiang Kai-Shek, and the KMT government head quarters are well preserved. Meanwhile, CCP’s military headquarter is well kept at Red rock village, as well as 50th Zengjiayan. In this Chongqing historical tour, you will fully embrace the history of Asia Pacific World War Two with the hidden history of Flying Tiger, Hump Flight, General Stillwell, Chiang Kai-Shet, Soong May-Ling, and CCP military.

Destinations: Chongqing

Duration: 8 hrs (Approx.)

Fitness level: light

Best time to visit: All year around

Tour type: Private


In the morning you will be picked up by guide, drive to 50th Zengjiayan CCP military headquarter to learn about CCP’s cooperation with KMT government and American Ally during the war, visit the Gui Villa where Jiang Kai-Shek and Mao met before civil war. Visit the Chongqing Museum with urban planning models and manifestation of business and folk life at that time. Later, drive to river side of Jialing River. Under the steep cliff of Goose Neck Hill we will visit the General Stillwell’s museum, Flying tiger museum(optional), and Liziba World War Two park.  Lunch. In the afternoon, we will drive up the South Mountain, visit the Chiang Kai-Shek and Soong May-Ling’s villa and KMT military head quarter under forest coverage. You can expect more knowledge about Chiang Kai-Shek and Soong May-Ling’s daily life, Soong May-Ling’s speaking tour of United States to gain support, as well as George Marshall and Stillwell’s relationship with the couple. Last stop to Jiefanbei, the original business center which was heavily bombed. Visit the WWII Liberation Monument. Drop to hotel.

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