Wulong Stone Bridges and Canyon Chongqing 1 Day Private Tour



Wulong National Karst Park locates 155 mile (250 km) to the South East of Chongqing. Wulong Karst is an amazing natural treasure. It is a cluster of several karst landscapes, consisitng of gorges, natural bridges, caves, eroded dolines, shafts and underground streams. THese karst landforms developed in the carbonate rocks, vividly recording the development and evolution of karst terrain in the three gorges area since Pleistocene Era. Lotus Cave, Three Natural Bridges and Houping Giant Doline are the three representative attractions in this area. In one day, you can experience the highlight of Wulong Karst beauty.

Location: Wulong, Chongqing

Duration:1 days

Tour type: Private

Fitness level: moderate

Time of travel recommended: March-July, September-November


Pick up from hotel, set off on highway 155 mile (250 km) 3 hr to Wulong with great view of mountains, rivers and countryside terrace. Arrive at Wulong town at side of Wu river. Local special cuisine lunch. Drive up the Xian Nv mountain 13 mile (20 km). First visit Three Natural Bridges, 2 hrs trekking in the gorge. Three Natural Bridges is the core reserve of Karst National Park, which is a karst complex of several 820-980 ft (250-300 meters) high natural stone bridges, and grand natural sinkholes. Later, head to Longshui Gorge. Longshui Gorge is the extend of Three Natural Bridge Gorge, formed by under-earth river. 1.5 hrs trekking in the gorge. At last, set off on highway 155 mile (250 km) 3 hr back to Chongqing.

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