Chongqing Highlights 1 Day Private Tour


Highlight :

Chongqing which combines the modern city with abundant historical relics and country life, has more to offer than you could expect. During this tour, you would visit the Panda in the morning, explore the old town life, embrace Yangtze River intersection, go up and down the upper and lower level of the Mountain-River city with unique transportation, and have a good idea of Chongqing development. Compact highlights!

Destinations: Chongqing

Duration: 9 hrs (approx.)

Best time to visit: All year around

Fitness level: mild

Tour type: Private


Pick up from hotel by guide, drive to Chongqing Zoo with a glance of folk life in the morning. First visit panda house, watch the cute pandas eat their bamboo breakfast, climb the tree and play around. Later along the Yangtze River head out to Ciqikou ancient town, walk around this 1000 year old town with handicrafts and local snack shops. Take a seat in the local tea house, watch the Sichuan Opera Face Changing Show, drink a cup of local tea, there is option that you could draw your own Sichuan Opera face and take a photo with costume with some extra expense. After a Chongqing cuisine lunch, we will move on to People’s Square, have a look of the town hall, and visit the Chongqing Three Gorge Museum (If you are into Sino-Japanese war history, instead we could visit the General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum).  Last stop to Jiefangbei shopping center, you may take the adventure cross Yangtze River by Yangtze River cable at your own expense, or visit Hongyadong resort with local souvenir market and local food. At the end of tour, drop to hotel.

from 199 USD/person 1 person private group
from 109 USD/person 2 people private group
from 99 USD/person 3 people private group
from 89 USD/person 4 people private group
from 79 USD/person 5 people private group