Chongqing has long history hot spring wellness. As early as 1600 years ago, in Nan Chao Dynasty, the world first hot spring resort was developed at Chongqing Beibei, which is still in practice as north hot spring. Due to special geological struction, Chongqing is rich of hot spring with temperature 35-55 degree centigrade. The hot spring contains plenty of mineral ingredients which is helpful to body. Every district has its own resort, following please find the most famous ones.

North Hot Spring


North Hot Spring locates in Beibei District, 60 km to the north of urban Chongqing. It is the most ancient hot spring in Chongqing with 1600 years history. Bolian group opened a garden like hotspring spa here.

Tong Jing Hot Spring


Tong Jing Hot Spring locates in Tongjing town Beibei District, 65 km to the north east of urban Chongqing. It is famous for its hot and cold spring as well as high temperature water. Tong Jing hosts river, gorge, cave, forest, and springs. Big holiday resort is established in this region.

East Hot Spring


East Hot Spring locates in Dongquan town Banan District,  60 km to the east of urban Chongqing.  It is quiet famous for its brenstone hotspring and nude spa. Within a short distance it has karst cave, river, mountain, hotspring and tasty food. East hotspring is popular winter holiday resort.

Hai Tang Xiao Yue Hot Spring

39331368504816Hai Tang Xiao Yue Hot Spring locates at Yangtze River south bank, Nan’an District, central Chongqing. It is the very few hot spring within the urban area. The resort is a big complex consist of hotel, restaurant, hot spring, spa, aquatic entertainment.

Rong Hui Hot Spring

ronghuiRong Hui Hot Spring locates at Shapingba District, central Chongqing. It is one of the cloesest hot spring in city. The resort is relatively big, with hotel, restaurant, hot spring, spa, aquatic entertainment, and indoor entertainments.

Beidi Hot Spring

beidiBei Di Hot Spring locates at Baishiyi, Jiulongpo District, 40 km to the west of urban Chongqing. It is one of the most visited hot spring resort for decade.

South Hot Spring

nanwenquan1South Hot Spring locates at Nanwenquan town, Banan District, 30 km to the south of urban Chongqing. It was first developed in Song Dynasty 800 years ago. In early 20th century, a hot spring park was funded. Nowadays it hosts several high standard resort hotels for the leisure.