Wulong Karst Geological Park(Xian Nv Shan)


Wulong, most known as Fairy Mountain(Xian Nv Shan),  is famous for its karst landscape. As part of the south China Karst, it is the most important National Geology Park in this region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wulong is 200km east from Chongqing Urban city. It can be divided into three areas containing the Three Natural Bridges, the Qingkou Tiankeng and Furong Cave respectively. The main attraction within Wulong includes Furong Cave, Furong River & Gorge, the Three Natural Bridges, Longshui Gorge, Fairy Mountain Grassland, Wulong impression night show.


Wansheng Black Mountain Valley(Hei shan gu)


The Black Mountain Valley(Hei Shan Gu) situates in Wangsheng country,  is 150km south from urban Chongqing city. This area used to be important coal mine industry. After the coal mine dried up, tourism started to boom. The Black Mountain Valley is awarded as National AAAAA Scenic Area, and Gene Bank of Chongqing and Guizhou. The whole area is well preserved, with 97% forest coverage. It is consists of serene valley and gorge, dense woods, crystal stream, waterfalls, karst cave, wild animals. It incldues a 6-kilometer plank road and floating bridge with another 6 kilometer electro-mobile touring route.


Wansheng longlin stone forest(Longlin Shi Lin)


Wansheng Stone Forest(Longlin Shi Lin) in Chongqing ranks as the oldest stone forest within China. It is situated at Wanshang country. This large-scale stone forest began to form about four hundred and sixty-five million years to six hundred million years ago.  This typical karst site is attractive because of the various shapes of the stones. Visitors can find rock shaped like a tower, a mushroom, a sword peak, a fan, a lively bird, a turtle, etc.


Simian Mountain


Simian Mountain ( Simian Shan), located on the north part of Jiangjin, Chongqing, China, is a transitive zone between the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and the Sichuan Basin. So, with the help of favorable climate and sufficient rainfall, the whole zone is decked with luxuriant forests. Besides, it is the home to waterfalls. Wangxiangtai (the Balcony of Nostalgia) Waterfall, 150 meters high and 40 meters wide, is one of the well-known waterfalls in China consisted of many small waterfalls; Shuikoushi Waterfall is noted for its grand scale.


 Jinfuo Mountain (Golden Buddha Mountain, Jinfuo Shan)


Jinfuo Shan , the highest peak of Dalou Mountains, is situated in Nanchuan District.  Jinfo Shan is an isolated mountain with cliffs up to 300 m surrounding its relatively flat top. Its major vegetation types include subtropical broadleaf forest, coniferous forests and subalpine meadow.  It is a combination of  typical karst topography of gorges, stone forests,  cave systems, waterfalls with orgin forest. Traveller can expect different scen from seasons,  spring with blossoming azalea, summer with bamboos, autumn with red maple, winter with snow.

Yunyang Longgang Geological Park


Yunyang Longgang Geological Park is consist of  Longgang sinkhole, Longdong karst cave, and Shisun river gorge. The Longgang sinkhole is 350 meters long, 170 meters wide, 550 meters deep, listed 3rd in China, 5th in the world. The sinkhole cliff is rather steep with few plants, but the bottom is full of evergreen broad leaf forest. The Longgang sinkhole is widely known for its newly opened longest transparent bridge over the canyon. The Longdong karst cave is consist of two giant halls, the front hall is 4800 meters square in round shape, the back hall is 6000 meters square in pentagon, both contains vivid stalactite. Shusun river is in the length of 12.5 kilometers, width between 20-200 meters. On both sides of the river, there lines up many stalagmite like pillars, which is completely separated from nearby rocks.