E’ling Park


Eling Park  is a park located on Changjiang Road in the Yuzhong District of Chongqing, on Eling mountain. Eling park is also known as ‘courteous park’and is home to special plant species as well as a newly built tower, the Liangjiang Pavilion, which provides a view of the entire city. It is famous for it neat chinese garden, making good use of the landscape. Eling Park is one of the key state parks of China and is noted as a national protected area of China.


Chongqing Zoo Panda house


Even a brief visit to the zoo in Chongqing is worthwhile because you can observe many pandas at close quarters, while in Sichuan they are nearly extinct in the wild. An early start is necessary if you wish to see the Panda feeding at 9 am. The Chongqing zoo is also a quiet good resort for Chinese gardening.


North hot spring temple

north hot spring

The hot spring temple was founded in the first year AD 423 of liu song jing ping period in southern song dynasty, in AD 1007 Jing de period in Northern song dynasty, the hot spring temple was bestowed as the Chong Sheng temple by the imperial court. The North Hot Spring is also the masterpiece of Chongqing gardens. It is delicate and elegant, combining temple, hill, water, forest, spring, gorge and cave together.


South hot spring park

south hot spring

In the southern suburbs about 30 kilometers from Chongqing City, South Hot Spring Park is a charming spot for strolling by a stream through still woods, watching the waterfalls as they cascade down steep cliffs, or bathing in the hot spring, founded in 1927. The hot spring, with an average degree of 38℃ all year round, is said to be effective in curing arthritis and skin diseases. There is also a miraculous cave, about thirty meters deep, that contains fantastic stalactites and is said to have been the residence of a fairy.