Hot Pot (Huo Guo)


Hot pot is a cuisine, cooking all sorts of food materials together in a spicy soup, with fire or heat. It orginates from Chongqing boat life. In old times, labours on boat bought animal organs from market, and cook food together on boat. The spicy seasons is used to get rid of the smell of the food materials. The cuisine is quiet popular among labors. Later it is well accepted by urban residence as well, and introduced into restaurant. Nowadays, hot pot restaurant can be found not only in China, but in most of the main cities globally. Hot pot is definite the must try in Chongqing, and nowadays one can choose from various soup from spicy to none spicy.

Noodle (Xiao Mian)


Noodle(Xiao Mian) is Chongqing local’s best choice for breakfast or a quick meal. It can be made out of wheat or rice, with various sauce and garnish. The sauce always aims to satifiy every bud of one’s taste, containing ingredients from soy bean, vinegar, dry red pepper, chili, garlic, scallion, peanut, sesame, pickled vegie etc.. Highly recommended noodles shops include Mao Er noodle, Tong Wan Dou noodle, Hua Shi Wan Za noodle, Zhu Er Duo noodle.

Spring Chicken (Quan Shui Ji)


Spring Chicken as its name is made out of natural spring waters. It originate from South Mountain, Chongqing, the back yard of urban residence. In old times, there are a few food stalls serving chicken dishes cooking with spring water to travellers. As time passes, their business get bigger and bigger, the whole street has been turned into spring chicken restaurants.

Spicy Chicken (La Zi Ji)


Spicy chicken is one of the most challenging Chongqing dishes. Chopped chicken meat with bones are fried with dry red chili and red peppers.  The amount of chili and peppers are much greater than chicken, and one has to search hardly to find the meat.  It is even better with a cold drink or bear.