Liberation monument

liberation monument Chongqing People’s Liberation Monument is located in the crossing of the Mingzhu, Mingquan and Zourong Road in the Yuzhong district. It’s 27.5 meters high. There is a revolving ladder, through which travelers can get to the top of the monument. Formerly a wooden structure, the monument was firstly built up on March 12th, 1940.  This day is the anniversary of Dr. Sun Yatsen’s death, so the monument is called “Spirit Fort”. It was rebuilt in 1945 to mark the victory of anti-Japanese war, with the name of “Monument to the Victory of Anti-Japanese War”. In 1950, Liu Bocheng renamed it “Chongqing People’s Liberation Monument”. Review:

Yangtze-Jialin River night cruise

night cruise After viewing the shimmering waters of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers from South Mountain One Tree  or E’ling park, you may also want to take a night tour aboard a cruise ship to view the city’s night views from the river. Dinner is served in certain boat. Tours run from 7 to 10 o’clock in the evening and depart from the Chaotianmen Dock. Review:

One tree night view

one tree One Tree night view resort is built and put into service in 2003, located on South Mountain, on the southn bank of Yangtze River. It overlooking whole city outline including south bank, central island, and north district.  One of the top choice for night view. Review:

Yangtze River cableway (cable car)

yangzte cable The cableway across the Yangtze River was put into operation in 1987 to increase the efficiency of transport between the Yuzhong and Nan’an districts in Chongqing without building expensive new bridges. With a span of 1,166 meters (3800 feet), it is much longer than its sister cableway across the Jialing River (1982-2011), but this latter is already no longer in operation. Huge bridges will soon carry the CRT Line 6 over the Jialing River leading to Jiefangbai and finally over the Yangtze River, so there is concern that the Yangtze Cableway will be abandoned. Review: