After Your Trip


At the end of your tour, you will be sent online questionnaires by Lark.

We love getting feedback, and sharing your travel experience. This is a way to investigate the work of our guides and local operators, and help us improve our service. We’ll even post the most interesting and insightful comments on our site. It helps give potential travelers the full picture about what to expect.

You will get a Promo Code after completing the feedback. The Promo Code helps your family and friends to get a discounted trip with Lark.

Loyalty program

Don’t forget, you’ll get 5% off your next trip with us thanks to our loyalty program. And if you travel five or more times you’ll get a 10% discount.

If you enjoy your holidays with Lark, please share those travel stories with your family and friends, and don’t hesitate to tell them that they will be able to have a discounted trip by entering your own Promo Code when submitting those booking information.

The more people join our tour, the more discount you can get.


Any dispute arising from the service provided by Lark shall be settled through friendly consultation between the parties. The claiming party shall notify the other party within 60 days after the end of the services in a dated notice in English language that a dispute has arisen and describe the nature of the dispute. If no settlement can be reached through such consultation within 60 days after the date of such notice of dispute, the claiming party may refer the matter to CIETAC, for final arbitration in PRC by an ad hoc arbitration tribunal according to the arbitration rules of CIETAC rules.